Tales of Our Family

“When we illuminate the road back to our ancestors, they have a way of reaching out, of manifesting themselves…sometimes even physically.”― Raquel Cepeda,

Ruby and Henry Roe, Yazoo County Mississippi, sometime in the mid to late 1920’s.

7 thoughts on “Tales of Our Family

  1. i agree with everything you just said.

    Uncle Gene will hold a place of honor in our family history for years to come. His name will be repeated with gratitude down through the generations.


  2. This photograph is unusual. It is uncommon to see subjects smile in photographs from this era. In this photograph the woman is smiling broadly and the man is looks like he is on the verge of cracking a smile. This is an unusual photograph indeed.


    1. I agree that it is unusual to see people smiling in pics from that time. Happily, that gives me reason to believe that my grandmother was a joyful young woman.


  3. James thank you for responding. Most of the pictures we have of mama in 1900 through the 20s is of her smiling. Daddy not always a full smile just on the verge. Thank you again for your comments and following my family.


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