Fresh Start Hint with DNA Results

By Gerry Roe

Fresh Start Hint with DNA Results

At every crossroad follow your dream. It is courageous to let your heart lead the way. Thomas Leland

Thanks to Amy Johnson’s podcast mid January; Betsy Thorpe, my niece suggested we collaborate and follow Amy’s hints to preserve our family stories. We started on week four and are now catching up. Fresh start was the January 1st hint. It brought to mind a number of fresh start ideas. What I have learned from my DNA results is my fresh start.

I had been told since early childhood, that I most likely was 1/16th Cherokee Native American. My maternal grandmother, mother, her eldest brother and her eldest son had high cheek bones, slender face and dark thick hair. Other relatives agreed. My understanding was the line came through my mother’s grandmother, who died young. The story told about her was she had been adopted as a child and no information has been found about her biological or adoptive parents.

Another niece was the first to have a DNA test and her results – no Native American. Betsy and I decided to have ours done. I admit, I was skeptical about testing that was not related to medical reasons. My sister (Nannie Roe Cross) and her twin brother (Herman Frank Roe) agreed to participate. A cousin on my paternal side and two cousins on my maternal side joined us in this endeavor. None of our results came back with even a smidgen of Native American. These results indicated to us it was a story told and retold and had been passed down as truth.

As I said, I was skeptical, so I had a second test done with a different company. Results were very similar. I am convinced the results were correct. Even though a cousin on my mother’s side said, “I’ll believe Aunt Ruby over any of the results. However, recently he had his DNA done and of course; no Native American. Is he a believer now? Not sure.

From the results it confirmed I was 61% Europe West, 10% Great Britain, 10% Ireland and the last 4 regions less than 10% each. This result was received in 2016. Another idea that was proven correct, was that I would have a large portion from Germany. My great grandfather on my father’s side immigrated to America in mid 1800s. I made the assumption he was full blood German. Over time Ancestry appears more overlapping of and refining areas. With updates today, Ethnicity is England, Wales and Northwestern Europe at 78%, Ireland and Scotland 17% and Germanic Europe at 5%.

Long story short, I am a blend of many nations and proud of it. I had hoped my journey would find when and where our ancestors arrive in America. So far I have not. But because of my DNA results I have met relatives on both sides of my family. I am blessed to have connected with them as our family increased with this knowledge.

Post Script:

A surprise for me was that the twins were not closer in DNA results. They both show England, Wales and Northwestern Europe as top with there numbers around 81%. Ireland and Scotland listed as second and Nannie’s is greater at 16%. She has only one other ethnicity which is Norway and 3%. Franks last 8% is split between Germanic Europe, Eastern Europe/Russia and Sweden.

In my search I have found some skeletons related to DNA; possible relatives we were not aware of. For some of them, I will leave others to pursue.

Ethnicity Nannie Roe Cross 4/24/2020

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 81%

Ireland & Scotland 11%

Norway 3%

Ethnicity Herman Frank Roe 4/24/2020

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 81%

Ireland & Scotland 11%

Germanic Europe 4%

Eastern Europe & Russia 2%

Sweden 2%

Ethnicity Gerry Roe 4/24/2020

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 78%

Ireland & Scotland 17%

Germanic Europe 5%



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